Writing Women
Posted by admin in October 31, 2013


I’m honoured to be a part of the second annual Writing Women Screenplay Development Series. My script, “Orchids,” was chosen among seven other scripts to be mentored by some very accomplished women in the industry throughout an eight week program.

The format of the series is optimized to help you grow as a writer and as a producer. Each script gets two full readings by a carefully chosen cast of actors, and two feedback sessions, from a writing and a producing mentor. I was fortunate to be paired with Sonya Di Rienzo, head of development at Whizbang films, as my writing mentor. Her feedback was extremely  useful, helping me to sharpen the theme of my script and to tell the precise story I was driven to tell in the first place.

The next stage of the series will be new readings of the edited scripts, this time with producing mentors.  It’s been a great process so far. The scripts of my fellow writers are inspiring and often very funny. The actors bring fabulous life to the characters we wrote. The feedback from the group is incisive and generous and the atmosphere overall is extremely positive.

Kudos to Farah Merani and Lauren MacKinlay, the founders and producers of Writing Women, and to Evert Houston, the executive producer of The Blue Flame Collective, which is the umbrella film collective that this series sprang from. A great community is growing out of the initiative of these enterprising and talented folks.

Check out some pics of last week’s session here:



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