New Adventures and Ventures
Posted by admin in May 19, 2016

Since closing A Woman Is A Secret last April, I’ve had some adventures in Film and TV. Stay tuned for the new series from Disney, Raising Expectations, starring Jason Priestley and Molly Ringwald. This comedy about a perfectionist family is the brainchild of Tom Saunders, one of the creators of Arrested Development. I Guest Star as the maniacal teacher, Ms. Peach. Some of the most fun I’ve had on set yet.

You can catch me in the US national campaign for Luvs, a pretty funny spot, among some other Canadian campaigns. I was lucky enough to collaborate with pals in the indie film community — fittingly playing a yoga teacher in Gillian Ferrier and Ian MacDonald’s beautiful short Shavasana which premiered at The Canadian Film Festival, and Kat Webber’s Satisfaction. 

This year I also started a new project, renovating an historic home in Prince Edward County with my childhood pal, and we just opened it as a vacation rental property. Come visit us at The Ferg!

I’m just very grateful for all these opportunities to collaborate with so many creative people.

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